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Flex Height Adjustable Desk

Flex Height Adjustable Desk

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Flex HAD desk is everything you’d expect from a height-adjustable desk, plus it’s designed to move as quickly as you do. It’s stable, yet mobile. Push them together for collaborative work, or move it to a quiet nook for focus time.

Product ships in 6-8 business weeks*


Directional Rollers: Visually Integrated directional rollers provide a stable yet mobile work experience

One-Court Out: Integrated power option allows for convenient powering of technology hosting up for seven plugs ging you one court out for easy movement

Well Being

Desktop Power

Active Touch With Raise App

Product specification 

  •  Range of Adjustment
    • Basic Height: 719 mm – 1,191 mm 
    • Extended Height: 575 mm – 1,237 mm
  • Glide Adjustment: 6mm
  • Controller
    • Simple Touch
    • Active Touch
  • Decibel Rating: < 55 dBA
  • Adjustability Speed: 1.5"/sec (38.1mm/sec)
  • Duty Cycle: 10% (2 min. on, 18 min. off)
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