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Personality combines outstanding ergonomic support with intuitive adjustability to enable each user to adjust the position of comfort to suit their physique and the task in hand. The mesh backrest distributes weight to minimize pressure on the spine while reclining, as well as providing excellent air circulation for thermal comfort.

Product ships in 10-15 business days*

Warranty: 8 years



  • Personalize your space Flexible, individual seating solutions throughout the workplace. Available with mesh or upholstered back. Available in task and high stool versions.
  • Smart Storage Options Personality integrates smart storage options, making excellent use of space. The back belt, hook and jacket hanger allow users to customize the chair to suit both their personalities as well as the way they sit and work.
  • Personalized Ergonomic Support Personality combines outstanding ergonomic support with intuitive adjustability.
  • Personality Value Chair is designed for long product life cycle
  • Pneumatic gas seat height adjustment: 120 mm range
  • Seat depth adjustment: 50 mm total range
  • Synchro-tilt mechanism: 18˚ for backrest
  • Adjustable arm height: 65 mm range
  • Adjustable arm pitch angle: -5˚ to +15˚range
  • Adjustable arm depth: 40 mm range
  •  Lumbar: 50 mm range with 5 stops


  • SCS Indoor Advantage™ Gold certified for indoor air quality
  • AFRDI Green Tick Product Certification
*Variance in international shipping times may impact final delivery dates. Stated lead times are indicative and may change depending on stock and production capacity.
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